How Does EMF Radiation Affect Neurological Systems…

What Symptoms Indicate the Damage ?

Have any of these symptoms affected your family and friends ?

Let’s look at some common health afflictions that have emerged in the past two decades– the technotronic era…

And explore advanced solutions for Optimal Immune Response.

The secret to your family’s recovery, strength and disease-prevention  is a BALANCED approach with continuous improvements based on whole food, non-GMO diet from local farm and ranch outlets, including your own backyard.

REMOVAL of EMF Overloads & Non-essential ExposureEnergy Resonance Technology (ERT) +

ELIMINATE Bacterial-Viral-Microbial Pathogens —  colloidal silver (structured alkaline silver sol)

OPTIMIZE IMMUNE FUNCTION–  Anti-oxidants Require Redox Signaling (ROS molecules);

Redox Molecules Activate Antioxidants


ANTI-Bacterial/-Viral/-Microbial DEFENSES —  colloidal silver (Structured alkaline silver sol)


How does colloidal silver kill pathogens?


Call for 918-288-7446 for discounted pricing on PREMIUM SILVER products – Request by email silver anti-bacterial soap samples.

REMOVAL of EMF Overloads & Non-essential Exposure  

Individualized solutions for each aspect of biological defense follow in the links embedded in each section.

ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) Disruption and Dis-harmony



The debilitating effects of these EMF symptoms combined with the confusion, conditioning and deception propagated by the BigTech- BigPharma complex, aided and abetted by the US Corporate media, have clouded the mindset,  the responsiveness, and awareness  of the general public.   Electronic smog, dirty electricity, smart meters and numerous devices are imposing a confusing mix of electromagnetic field (EMF) signals to the body’s bio-field and our ability to respond and recover HOMEOSTASIS.

Homeostasis is a healthy state that is maintained by the constant adjustment of biochemical and physiological pathways— a property of cells, tissues, and organisms that allows the maintenance and regulation of the stability and constancy needed to function properly

Emissions mapping of the average domestic EMF signature. (Please, be sure to find the “5G image” below for a short video on the impact of the coming 5G ROLLOUT in your community.)

RESULT:  Chronic disease processes accelerate, depending on vulnerabilities

Under the combined EMF assault and nutrient deficiencies in the food supply, our compromised immune systems suffer from unprecedented challenges.  The breakdown of immune defenses through oxidation (free radicals), GMO foods, pesticides and decline of key micro-nutrients accelerates as the essential cellular processes are confused.  Both inter-cellular and internal (mitochondrial) functions are impaired as it’s known that chronic disease begins at the cellular level.

Modern threats require both environmental technologies as well as conventional supplements.  First, let’s look at anti-EMF tech–

SOLUTIONS to the EMF  assault begin with general awareness and proactive moves and countermeasures .. several patented technologies are available at GIA Wellness here and on the Resource page:

Patented Cellphone Technology

ERT products can minimize or reduce impact of EMF emissions


A range of product technologies

The company has several patents for EMF protection both at home and on-the-go.

In addition to patented technologies with GIA Wellness, a personalized assessment and home survey to ensure an optimized effective plan to deal with chronic symptoms of EMF sickness.  I recommend a visit with (a Tulsa-based electrical engineer and consultant)

Before reading further on the modern threats to health and well-being, please appreciate how this site is designed to educate, share and propose Win-Win free-market solutions for activists and defenders of the pro-American culture of Life and Liberty.  We offer you a range of benefits for using and sharing the information and technologies.  HOW?

We seek to build a movement of info-warriors against the Shadow Government, Mil_Industrial Complex and BigPharma, by exposing all the components and elements of the Deep State. How ?

Where each biological threat is identified and discussed, you will find off-site links to some phenomenal FREE-MARKET companies with proven, cutting-edge solutions to health and wellness.

TAKE NOTE:   BIG PHARMA, the FDA and State-Medical Complex Hate Competition from Natural Bio-friendly Science and Medicine


A most accomplished American scientist, Thomas Edison, once stated

The Doctor of the Future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the Care of the Human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease. 





It’s well-established that the drug industry aims to make life-long customers, regardless of the deadly and debilitating side-effects.   But history and experience have shown that superior results come from nature’s bounty.

A timeless and practical observation answer is given by from the ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates:

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”

Over the past 25 years, pioneers in health science have achieved amazing breakthroughs in science and engineering to support the natural processes of immune response and recovery.   Three of the these companies will be addressed here for anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial defense and cellular repair.


Amazing anti-oxidant results achieved by a supplement that supports

advanced supplements nutraceutical   — certain companies have introduced disruptive technologies that truly enhance and optimize immune function when common sense measures areTruly effective commercial operations are under the most extreme free-speech suppression and regulatory prohibitions by the FDA and FTC, to protect the interests of Big Pharma (the synthetic drug and medical ) and their obscene profit models that exploit taxpayers, public universities and quasi-public institutions for private gain.

Our Reap 2 Win strategy proposes immediate action to address these health and environmental threats.  In the process of addressing the causes of the crisis,

We need counter-measures in effect to sustain us through the coming months  and challenges of the Covid-19[84]  bio-weapon and the PysOp promoted by the Gates /W.H.O./UN  global medical complex assisted by US Corporate Media.


Causal factors– oxidative stress


to the unfolding crisis while building up networks of well-informed and equipped patriots.

Mannatech, ASEA,

Some companies offer preferred customer status or even wholesale product

ready to restore ange of modern challenges the take note that the

IN our opinion,  Americans  would

READ MORE  —     [[   “ET Learn MORE”  block ?    What is “ET “, Dana   ?

Add the long-running dumbed down effect of public schools and the well proven public deception / subversion campaigns (  ” State of Mind”  Mockingbird Media   )  deployed through US media with assistance of well-placed intelligence assets in the editorial offices of the media —

All generations of the American population suffer from the compounding effects of modern lifestyles and life-long habits (fast-foods, depleted soils) that play into the hands of BigPharma and the drug dependency dynamic that benefits the Industrial-medical complex.


Has Environ-Mental Conditioning Ruined Two Generations ?

To pursue the answer, let’s consider which industry creates the kind of fear that governs each generation.   Is it the media — radio, TV, and now the constant flood of electronic and digital output from the InfoTech giants that now control distribution — Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the likes? Or is it Academia — the public schools as ruled via the fabled Ivory Towers of the Ivy League?

[ LORD of the RINGS  Meme-  Isengard… Saruman ]

What about the pulpit — has the typical denominational, charismatic preacher lost sight of the historical standard, the spirit of truth spoken regardless of the cost?

Or is there a higher power working like some invisible hand tightening its grip on the public mind…

Has a Technocratic elite taken control as President Eisenhower warned in his famous farewell address of 1961?

Over the past three decades, the great pr

Hidden Dangers of EMF – Overlooked or Concealed?


Two books just published in 2020 provide additional evidence of serious harm caused by ever-expanding electromagnetic field (EMF) disruption of our natural atmosphere.   This in-depth research by noted experts — an electronic warfare specialist and a natural health physician — reveals the extent of a pervasive threat to public health by modern EMF technologies, but is there more than this … is a globalist, technocratic agenda behind the deployment of the wireless web ?

Has industry and government conspired to cover up the hazards of EMF and Wifi devices, of iPhones and SmartMeters, embedded in our homes and cities to promote a more sinister agenda?


Sub-titled “How governments, telecom and electric power utilities suppress the truth about the known hazards of electro-magnetic field (EMF) radiation“, Capt. Jerry Flynn’s  includes the case for a serious cover-up involving the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC), Telecomm industry giants and US Corporate media restricting public awareness and debate.   Worldwide, numerous scholars and independent research teams have testified to a cover-up run by the Deep State Technocracy — the Globalists who control the United Nations apparatus.  Furthermore, a report just released by French Army Reserve Officers Association (redacted to protect the units reporting on Covid-related problems with 5G implications) delivers a devastating indictment of Bill Gates and the UN’s  World Health Organization. (140 page PDF  available by request here at

  Impact on Health and Counter


A complementary work “EMF*D” by Joseph Mercola, a recognized best-selling NY Times author, delivers further proof of the cellular and molecular damage caused by the critical interruption of voltage-gated  pathways that govern our immune and endocrine systems.  The difficulties of recovery from various disease conditions are further hindered by the radiation impact on the human biofield.

Let’s look at the most common issues and health afflictions that have emerged in the past two decades – the techno-tronic era–  and explore some advance solutions for optimal immune response.

Have any of these common symptoms affected your family and friends ?


Much of the aging American population suffers from the compounding effects of modern lifestyles and life-long habits (fast-foods, depleted soils) that play into the hands of BigPharma and the drug dependency dynamic that benefits the Industrial-medical complex.

In the process of exposing the causes of the crisis, our Reap 2 Win strategy proposes immediate action to address these health and environmental threats.

GIA’s EMF/EMR innovative products utilize the proprietary GiaPlex™ technology, which combines the benefits of two powerful, innovative, scientifically-substantiated technologies: the patented noise field nano-technology MRET® (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology), and the proprietary subtle energy innovation ERT™ (Energy Resonance Technology).

provides essential information and countermeasures for protecting against EMF radiation.

A review of the medical evidence validates the need for these advanced countermeasures.  Electronic Warfare (EW)  specialist, Jerry Flynn, the Canadian naval officer and captain with 26+ years experience has makes the conclusive case that every family needs defensive technologies to prevail against this EMF assault on our home environments.

My academic research on the New World Order and military experience as Intelligence and EW officer (USMC 1983-1988) has brought me full circle to the same conclusion.   Families must act in the face of this onslaught before the 5G deployment takes its toll on Americans.

brings me would the necessary support for ; Reap2Win recommends this technology ese for offers

Our success depends on cooperative efforts to connect a synergistic a resurgence of

that we should consider the context of the unfolding economic and monetary crisis generated by government policies and the hidden agenda of the Deep State’s expanding Technocracy– the surveillance state and its A.I.  system known as the “Global Brain”.  (see Patrick Woods’ research on New World Order and rule by the elite through Technocracy)

IMPACT of SARS-COVID-19 /Economic Destruction Plan

Short of a miraculous disappearance of natural law, the long-term effects of government-imposed lock-downs on the global economy and extreme measures by the Fed (central banking – fiat money supplies)  will ensure an epic upheaval of the monetary system.  Most savvy economists and observers see an imminent collapse as the market effects come into play, most likely before 2021.  A global financial reset with far-reaching effects and solutions, including crypto-currencies, has been anticipated.

Meanwhile, the policies launched to exploit an exaggerated “pandemic”, which crushed tens of thousands of small businesses while shoving millions of workers out of their jobs to collect unemployment, are producing inevitable catastrophic outcomes. Time will soon reveal the need for a remnant of activists with answers.

In order to prepare for the full impact of the forecast and prophesied tribulation,  true believers who seek wisdom from above know that good health and energy are essential for end-times operations. While significant cross-sections are awakening to the EMF threats of Technocracy, the current pace must accelerate if we hope to rescue our communities from the “Plannedemic” of the New World Order.


The primary good news under this globalist assault are the promises of Scripture (see the Harvest page).

Regardless of embedded economic, EMF and health challenges, Reap2WIN has identified key bio-technologies, systems and countermeasures offered via private industry and home-based business models, along with best practices in homes and offices to press for wired technology.  Advances in science and technology, along with improving dietary and lifestyle choices, have enabled optimal performance (mental and athletic excellence) as well as amazing recoveries of immune function and health.    The economic trend confirms the popular preference for natural solutions.

A prize-winning economist Paul Pilzer has documented this trend for years, as it has generated more millionaires in the expanding trillion dollar health market than any other industry.

Market demands, the Wuhan Flu (Covid scare), and work-at-home technologies are converging to elevate this long-running trend toward wellness.  The convergence provides an ideal entry scenario for a growing cross-section of the work force that are searching for both health and economic solutions. With the imminent collapse of state and industry pension funds (see Robert Kiyosaki’s exposure of the insolvent Pension Guaranty Fund ), millions more Americans will soon be desperate to find supplemental work opportunities.

The work-from-home industry also offers tax advantages and benefits that far exceed the corporate structure in most cases for Main Street Americans.  And President Trump’s affinity for entrepreneurs would guarantee favorable tax laws and regulations as the conventional economy dissipates into the anticipated post-Covid and a likely Covid 2.0 depression.  (hear top networking advocate/former Navy SEAL  explains  the value -Tim Sales)

Brilliant Compensation — describes the industry and key economic elements of the system  (save link for viewing when convenient –  45 minutes approx. )   add photo w/ over this url link

Inside the Health and Wellness industry, extraordinary advances in technology are giving a select group of well-managed and -positioned companies the lead in capturing market share.   Before addressing a company that has a unique advantage on the EMF threat and harmful environments, let’s appreciate a further aspect of the looming threat of 5G and its uniquely destructive EMF radiation potential.

Advanced research shows that cell phones and WiFi devices cause more damage than the FCC and other agencies have led us to believe.  For over 20 years, politicians, BigTech lobbyists and Federal Communications Commissioners have routinely and aggressively suppressed essential information on the harm to DNA  and immune functions caused by EMF radiation —  from SmartMeters, from WiFi devices and through general practices adopted by public education, state agencies and industry.

The further rollout of the complex 5G system of thousands of local antennae presents a nightmarish scenario in which behavior modification of the metropolitan populations leads to total surveillance and centralized control.  This high degree of social control has been the objective of the Technocracy and the  Military-Industrial complex for decades.   In conjunction with the Covid-2/UN objectives of the Bill Gates global medical-foundation complex, the ominous warnings given in the publication by the French Army Reserve Officers association (PDF available on request) deserve close investigation, and planning for countermeasures should be .

This article will feature a GIA Wellness    –

balanced and science underlying Restoring optimal immune functions Immune The Wellness industry has been booming for the past with no signs of letting up.

(see below – ASEA, GIA and LifeVantage links and the “RESOURCES” page on this site for direct guidance ).

Reap2WIN is conceived as a vital life and liberty support system.  We anticipate dramatic growth in the freedom movement, from the Reagan remnant, to InfoWars and the Tea Party to the Q- Anon phenomenon, as populist American independent and social media overtakes the discredited US Corporate media and its sponsors (BigPharma) through grassroots free-enterprise and entrepreneurship.  Strategic planning with the right support system can enable certain  to prosper and thrive even with the impending collapse

The solutions that REAP2Win planning offers to every family and business operation can bring multiple benefits and advantages for health as well as economic well-being.  These technologies hold unsurpassed benefits for immune function, anti-oxidant production, energy recovery and repair of cellular damage caused by exposure and by lack of micro-nutrients for the cell.

Advances in extraction and formulation provide the key product technologies for distribution through a superior network to the conventional marketing system dominated by BigTech and BigPharma enabled.

Protective measures against EMF are offered by GIA Wellness, a network marketing distributor with affordable solutions for both home and personal use.  Visit the GIAsite for details under “Energy”

Several excellent for recovery from chronic disease conditions have  Our Networks formed through

—  much promise for those who recognize the hidden dangers d

With the advent of 5G technology, the wavelengths’ proven destructive impact on mammals,  some strategists have see many

Advanced research shows that cell phones and WiFi devices cause more damage than the FCC and other agencies have led us to believe.  For over 20 years, politicians, BigTech lobbyists and Federal Communications Commissioners have routinely and aggressively suppressed essential information on the harm to DNA  and immune functions caused by EMF radiation —  from SmartMeters, from WiFi devices and through general practices adopted by public education, state agencies and industry.


An abundance of  scientific testimony and validated research  indicates we are facing a biological meltdown of  personal health, immune system recovery and inter-generational decline for the human genome.  Unlike the fraudulent claims of global warming and man-made climate change the past 28 years, the environmental threat posed by BigTech and public utilities are proven realities ignored and concealed by the public education establishment, privileged professors and the US Corporate media who continue in their deceptive practices with the deployment of 5G technology.

Permissible ElectroMagnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation levels were estimated by unqualified and outdated personnel, readings, equipment and resources used to measure the impact  of EMF on biological life forms.

Evidence and essential studies of the    Have cell phones  ElectroMagnetic Frequency (EMF)

Let’s look at the most common issues and health affliction and explore the advance solutions for optimal immune response.

Have any of these common symptoms affected your family and friends ?

Both the range and type of threats to our common health and personal security grows larger as the DeepState expands through the  BigTech/ Big Pharma medical-industrial complex.  The degradation of our natural soils and methods of production under corporate agri-business has depleted our food sources and supplies of essential nutrients, through genetic manipulation (GMOs) and toxic pesticides.

From  environmental to psychological operations,  from bio-physical measures to spiritual deception, the full spectrum warfare intensifies as our time for preparation gets shorter.  Yet, we have been given the means to overcome through cooperative action. (for more on networking ops – see Resources page.)

Despite banning and censorship by the Big Tech tyranny (the Technocrats),  local communities of activists shall prevail.

This web-site and Bio-Defense section are devoted to defending our health and building wealth through commerce and knowledge, by wisdom and stealth.   We must recognize the tactics of the enemy and expose them.   Let us follow the Master’s way:  “Be wise as serpents, innocent like doves.”