This Blog began in the midst of a Viral Propaganda blitz

WARNING: A closed mind prevents discovery of truth –

STOP reading here unless independent thought, inquiry and reasoning shall be your friends.

 “A wise man will hear and increase in learning, And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel, To understand a proverb and a figure, The words of the wise and their riddles.” Proverbs 1:5-6

The winds behind this blizzard, labeled “Covid-19”, have the same cloud-seeding origins as various other epic events that have shaped the geopolitical landscape of the past 80- 100 years of modern history.  And while both natural and super-natural processes are at play in the physical/geo-political realm, our challenge here is revealing the deceptive powers behind a man-made, global pandemic in order to eliminate fear and confusion.  How shall this be, except by shining the light of truth for those who are willing and able to look and pursue a course for overcoming afflictions and resisting the darkness.

For many observers and consumers of mass media, the  duplicity of the US Corporate media has become obvious with the Russia Hoax and staging of the Impeachment follies.   But what happened before the public could render judgment on the Democrats’ failure to remove Trump?  A sudden and dramatic shift of coverage to the Chi-Comm-sponsored Wuhan Flu replaced the colossal FakeNews farce of Russia Gate and the Ukraine Impeachment gambits.

Before proceeding, keep in mind the End Game for this latest scam is the perpetration of the tax-funded Operation WarpSpeed — a global experiment at best, but a diabolical plot to subjugate the masses of humanity according to the best analysts and scholars with proven track records of exposing massive fraud by the globalists, i.e., the Deep State behind the Shadow Government entities that run the U.N. and the power structures of national governments, extorted politicians and judges, BAR attorneys and bankers who profit from the system of Mystery Babylon.

The good news is we have a defense in the Living Word.

And so, “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your souls prosper” (3 John 2) –

Indeed, even as we explore the opportunities for collaboration and affiliation revealed in this website to address the ills of the day, let me encourage you to explore a range of counter-measures to sustain us in battle, in the war for our minds.  Natural supplements friendly to our immune systems may provide the best, most immediate and essential means of resistance and assurance of sustained energy, strength and vitality.

Depending on personal needs, and possible oversights in your knowledge of health,  and defense three categories should be in view.

Please investigate these categories at the pages and links provided:

  1. A truly healthy, organic diet (farm-to-table as much as possible)
  2. Immune supplements that go beyond vitamins and minerals
  3. Environmental defense — for air, water and bio-shielding your operating areas.

Before proceeding to the deeper analysis,  please click the image link below to open a separate browser and save the page to open a premier scientific source for insight into your immune system and its critical  biochemical communications at the sub-cellular level –where Redox signaling molecules provide the essential orchestration of the master anti-oxidants.

Activating balanced ATP “Krebs cycles” for optimal systemic Immune Response

page links – EMF radiation, 5G, Redox solutions, anti-oxidants, micro-nutrients,



Operative conditioning in its various forms involves the training of subjects through the application of behavioral sciences.  Cloud-seeding involves the spread, the germination and watering, of concepts and ideas in the subconscious of the public mind.  Throughout the 20th century, mass conditioning been the focus of academics.  (Take note, Mass Communications is a basic course in the curricula of news journalism and related programs in our university systems. )

Exhibit 1: This spectacle of predictive programing took place on the world stage of the 2012 Olympic ceremonies in London.


Actors dressed as nurses perform during the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.


Here we see the nanny state empowered to indoctrinate and demonstrate to the generations of young minds and prospective players, elders and patients, through the imagery of their roles, an outcome of doom for its victims, a dark future that Revelation 6 foretells in the opening of the seals.

Exhibit 2:  The Golden Globe Awards , 2018  — HOLLYWOOD IS IN ON THE ACT


Prior to the 2020 “outbreak” from the Wuhan Virology Institute,  the Gates- CDC-UN/WHO complex of medical foundations arranged their final preparations to coordinate the long-anticipated event, a global “plan-demic” which Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted in 2017 at Georgetown with the advantage of his financiers’ foreknowledge.

With the support of Gates’ tax-exempt foundations,  the Jesuit-trained Cornell med grad along with other operatives had secured the patents on this bio-engineered Corona virus and the forthcoming vaccines that would be deployed in “Operation Warp Speed” (OWS) as the public and lower levels of the health care system fell victim to the predatory designs of Big Pharma

— ( see Rev 18:23 )    (For the record, BigPharma and its vaccine programs enjoyed immense funding and development through DARPA, the Pentagon and their abuse of Americans serving  in the Armed Forces for decades.)

The simulation event in October of 2019 had long been in the works through a number of significant activities aligned with the UN and its Agenda 21 and 30 programs.  These are well-documented by many investigative reports and independent research, much of which has been posted and then banned from the YouTube platform by the Technocrats (aka BigTech) who have moved key components of their operations offshore and away from the jurisdiction of the United States. (the US corporate apparatus is another story in itself for another page.)

SOMEHOW, the news anchors and underlings in the US Corporate media never seem to pursue the tough questions or the right questions.  And we, the People, have been conditioned by various institutions (family, schools, church & state) to accept the opinions of the authorities and experts that are presented on and by tightly controlled and financed TV “PROGRAMMING” operations.

Now that BigTech platforms have revealed their   Ig Tc

especially involving chief suspects behind major global events, mishaps and misguided solutions–   like industrial disasters, terror plots, endless war, and 9/11.  Regardless, people have been catching on to the games they play.. and who’s behind it.

Now that we have a global economic disaster arising from their policies, over-reactions and regulations to ward off a viral outbreak –  a pandemic with dubious origins shrouded by a communist adversary in the heat of a critical election —  the Corporate media avoid those tough questions with evermore resolve.  .. and support for the criminal elite parasites.

What was the source of the Wuhan flu outbreak, aka  Kung Flu?  How did the Obama administration assist the Wuhan Virology Institute in the acquisition as conceived by the planners in the global health control syndicate ?

Did Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates coordinate this “plannedemic” with the sponsors of Event 201?

Was it designed to lock-down the global economy and upset the 2020 election, or was it more far-reaching than the termination of a Trump presidency?

The initial concept for this website begins with a quest for solutions to the US Corporate Media and Big Tech tyranny over news and information.

Various versions of social control have evolved over the years, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose.