“…But My God shall supply all your need through His riches in glory by Jesus Christ.”

This promise comes with a precondition. The full message declares that we should make our requests known with thanksgiving.

My prayer request is for every reader of this website to increase awareness and gain insights on a range of topics.  May you find real value and the kind of useful knowledge here that multiplies peace and prosperity, as we share both strategies and opportunities to secure liberty and thrive in the face of economic chaos.



20 years ago, the US was ranked below 36 nations in overall health ranking — and medical error by doctors and hospital staff is the #4 leading cause of death in the US (next to cancer and heart attack).  Big Pharma and the AMA are largely to blame for this, according to a former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, Marcia Angell, MD and other experts on the drug industry.


Let’s note the subtitles of the books  above  – e.g., “How the Pharmaceutical Companies Distort Medical Knowledge, Mislead Doctors, and Compromise Your Health”.   Is it clear enough ?  Will we recognized the problems whereby Big Pharma poses a powerful menace to society.

The opioid epidemic of overdosing in America and other FDA-approved drugging disasters, not to mention multiple deaths and maiming of US  troops forced into protecting the opium trade in Afghanistan, may also be considered as an extension of the health and medical crisis in America.

Given the crisis that afflicts us now,  regardless of the government’s lock-down policy, what kind of solutions offer real hope for Americans?


DOES THIS CRISIS and DEMAND for SOLUTIONS OFFER a RICH OPPORTUNITY to a COMPETITOR such as the Natural Health Industry?  Are Americans lacking in their knowledge of the natural causes of sickness and disease?

This page offers practical solutions, connections and resources for common needs that are exacerbated by the “Covid-19” lock downs.  Wherever state governments and agencies have complicated our lives,  free-market operations provide a range of answers — in particular, through a business model for affiliate or network marketing, often with top health companies.  This is the ideal market for natural health solutions — and it’s getting better. That is the good news.

Before discussing product/technology


Red Chinese – Deep State Economic Embargo

, let’s take a quick look at three reasons to consider a simple low-cost, high-leverage business.


Election chaos- ballot scam, legal challenges, Constitutional crisis; BLM riots

Economic/monetary crisis–  mortgage/financial markets dive; pension fund insolvency compounded,

Vaccine/virus pandemic fallout — complications w/ health care systems; environmental threats.



Health, Wealth & Stealth

A Transition Strategy for Troubled  Times

What family hasn’t felt the impact of the Covid lock-down on personal freedom, on health and finances?   What are the most potent free-market opportunities in the current climate of economic, environmental and even legal threats to your health and prosperity?

IN THIS post-Covid-19 lock-down season of government intrusion, medical mandates, election chaos & economic recovery, most families require a strategy  – a working battle plan-  for secondary and supplemental earnings.  (especially those who are depending on a pension, 401K , stock plans)

Regardless of one’s current status, selecting a strategic position as a distributor provides good to excellent tax benefits in addition to a ready supply of health-enhancing options.

Though this trend began over 20 years ago, there’s no end in sight.

Accountant Describes Best Business Model


Overview: Kiyosaki Top 10-w/ Evan Carmichael   (be sure to view the 21+  min. mark on 4 quadrants for  business )

Top entrepreneur and co-author with Donald Trump Robert Kiyosaki also warns of the hidden (suppressed) dangers that will blind-side the average pensioner /retired — the insolvent Federal Pension Guaranty Fund !


imposed through a hyper-inflated response to the Wuhan Flu, has affected households and businesses as dramatically as a full-scale embargo.

IF the Deep State no other attach

Thank you for visiting and exploring the video links shared – sharing

From an economic perspective, the supply and demand issues that challenge our country and the world bring opportunities for tremendous challenging economic


afflicting many households and businesses.  world is disease  from poor health choices and programs,  pr by corporations and institins…  government and

In particular affliction  Family and business

based on proven the


most common needs and some key perspectives, with possible avenues,

here  worthy of pursuing and sharing with others. of this website

Let’s explore how that might work best in a free-market economy where bureaucratic  powers are minimized to allow the “invisible hand” to operate.



The fragile and failing sectors of small business will be devastated when the insolvency of pension and retirement funds comes to light with the expected stock market dive and realities of the “new normal”.  Robert Kiyosaki, the famed financial expert/mentor and former partner of Donald Trump, reports that the Pension Guaranty Fund is bankrupt!  So, while the Boomers are in trouble now, how many are finding solutions?  Are your friends and relatives counting on a pension? Will they be forced to change plans, reduce lifestyles and even search for work in 2021?

The CRISIS unfolds daily, yet, the US Corporate Media-Industrial complex kept afloat by the Fed still has the ammo to sustain appearances. Meanwhile, the wise are pursuing another course of action.  Since the lock-down is built on fear of disease, the trends toward natural health and preparation are gaining momentum. Let’s see how we can collaborate on an ideal type of convergence…  where prosperity goes and grows for anyone who knows the way to close where the attention flows !

Opportunity Invites

Preparation Brings Success

So the question for many might be how to prepare with modest means — low risk and high reward.  Where can i get the kind of leverage that promises success in the midst of trials and tribulations?

Scripture has much to say —  “divide your portion [wealth] to seven, or even to eight, for you do not know what misfortune may occur on the earth.” Ecclesiastes 11:2

“Sow in the morning, and do not be idle in the evening for you do not know whether morning or evening sowing will succeed, or whether both of them alike will be good.  Ecclesiastes 11:6

Asset preservation and protection involves awareness and development of resources, skills and knowledge.  But wisdom above all is available for the asking… James 1:5

Let’s look at a home-based business model that exploits the crisis-born opportunities of the economic lock-down — the work-from-home economy.

Accountant Describes Best Business Model —   CPA describes advantages of network marketing business

Since state and corporate policies are pushing a plannedemic mentality, why not take advantage this governments

will prove vital to survival and prosperity , in most families.

(( By request i will send you short video “Top Ten Rules” -Kiyosaki on Evan Carmichael — [or go herees an save the link   https://youtu.be/SRXAL_gQnug  ]]  )   Pension Fund interview of August by request

Security – Countermeasures – Analysis & Solutions

SECURITY for Health & Wealth  —  ASSET Preservation–   COVID-19 Lockdown Aftermath

Let’s explore the economics…

The Natural Health and Wealth solution

See colloidal silver products below  … Learn why your immune system requires natural anti-bacterial, anti-microbial solutions.    What is the true cost of being sick ?

Reap2 Win Resources–  brings valuable information on the present need to secure both physical health against disease and financial wealth against monetary mischief.

DisInfo, Censorship  and Surveillance – Solutions for local networks


Social Media and Digital Communication form the  critical intake data feeds of the mass surveillance  system.

Technocrats who aspire to rule  and dominate society Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Was the Deep State planning the death of West

ern society ?  Was the 20102 Olympic stage forecasting a games

Actors dressed as nurses and children perform during the opening ceremonies for the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.