THE concept of Reap2Win arises from the need to edify and equip the loyal American remnant to prevail in the midst of trials and tribulation.

Our purpose is provision of tools and knowledge .. for activation and access

reminds us of a kingdom principle involving both method and multiplication.

When Jesus sent the disciples out by two’s with instructions, he revealed a key to growth of His kingdom.  We need each other in order to grow and accomplish the work by Co-laboring …  (note the various scriptures with the application of two as a function to get results.  —    “if two of you agree.  — power ”   In the mouth of two witnesses.. ”  — testimony      2 …   growth


Rapid and unlimited growth is revealed in two basic types of progression:     geometric  and exponential

For the purpose of this page, we focus on the motivation behind the entrepreneurial calling.  Bringing value into the marketplace, with advanced product /service technologies opens the door for the ultimate purpose.  My desire is to provide weekly insights and updates through various ministries on this page, as well as in depth resources for spiritual growth.

Meanwhile, always ready – in season and out– our business involves occupation in the marketplace

See video link  for motivation and watch for updates …